The Inside Out Land: Part 1

@sunnysunwords, an interesting read which has quoted you!

SISI Simpletons

It is the year of our lord 2015. Bloggers blog. Poachers poach. Preachers preach. Politicians politic. Masses massacred. Media mediocrity. Beaches bereft. Corpulent commissions. Sorry senators. Compliant citizenry. Grabbers grab. Drum barrels. Roundabouts. Floods. Streetlights. Red light. Green light. Yellow light.Traffic jam. In the city. Kenya special.

As Sunny Bindra (@sunnysunwords) eloquently portends on Twitter, in this part of the world, people die when there is no rain, and probably more people die when there is rain. Drought and floods take turns and draw bets on who between them is going to kill more Kenyans. 52 years later, with fairly predictable weather patterns, and advances in science including irrigation, livestock husbandry, seed technology, farming techniques and other innovation and technological advances,not to mention the human resource available, Kenya still launches(!!!) hunger campaigns like Kenyans for Kenyans, fundraise millions of shillings and foodstuff donations, then flag (!!!) off the food…

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