Maad City

Our beautiful city Nairobi..maad city county…

SISI Simpletons

Nairobi County Council. Sounds like a bellicose brutish toad about to OD on a sackful of flies. If such a toad was to belch, and one was unfortunate enough to be passing by at that very instant, the resultant waft of smell and grossness that would collapse on the poor one like Kisumu’s Moi Stadium walls would begin to paint a picture of what Nairobi County Government is about. From where I am standing of course. Chances are a majority of you have different and even joyful experiences with The Toadies. Yes. That’s what I am calling them. Majority here, of course excludes the hapless street people, female hawkers and their babies. Come to think of it, why isn’t Nairobi referred to as The City of Nairobi? That would send the bellicose brutish toad image diving deep into sewage drains. But seriously, have we ever paused to think about this?…

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