So, How Much is A Kenyan Life Really Worth?

I know.10 bob. Sucks, doesn’t it? What would you say it is, averagely? Not much? Of course…all  you have to do to find out is leave your house and take a look around you. Everything seems to be a disaster in waiting, and almost usually that disaster comes to pass..lets look at the past 10 days or so…hmmmm…a building under construction in Kisumu comes tumbling down like The Walls of Jericho or more recently, The Berlin Wall and a couple of people perish, lots more permanently lose limbs or carry scars for as long as they live, more orphans to burden the conscience of reluctant relatives and society …how many buildings  collapse during construction annually in Kenya because some contractor wants to use half a packet of cement and 4 metres of twisted metal to construct a 20-storey building with no lifts????

….lets see…oh, a tout pushes a 23 year old woman out of a moving bus because she cannot or does not want to part with the extra 10 bob being illegally levied upon her, as is the case and the norm. And Kenyans sit, and silently stare back, desolation and disinterest written all over their faces, desperately clinging onto their cheap Chinese smartphones, engrossed in some meaningless transaction on Facebook and Twitter, or listening to incessant chatter from some odious FM presenter dispensing mediocrity through their white and expensive looking earphones which in reality are cheap Chinese imports, while this woman takes a final bow, aided by the uncouth and uncivil attentions of a vile-mouthed-mbesha-crazed thug licensed to hang out of moving contraptions otherwise known as city public transport, and exhort Nairobians to board them as if Nairobians are kindergarten kids who wandered out of the kindergarten and got lost and need directions home.

Kenyans fall into manholes and get run over by cars because they are too lazy to use the flyovers or because the flyovers are dens for robbers and thieves. 

Kenyans get roasted alive occasionally in their quest to scoop up spilt inflammables from overturned and burning fuel tankers…….or when they ingest rat-poison-and-rat-laden illicit brews, the Mututho laws notwithstanding…

Kenyans rob the dead and dying….the last explosion that happened in a matatu in Eastleigh…..

I ask again, how much is a Kenyan life really worth?? 10 bob?  

Repeat after me – My Life is Worth 10 Bob. OK. Now get outraged.



  1. We call for a revolution, A revolution where the voices of the people shall trample the political egos..a revolution against appalling healthcare and education systems , poor citizen representation.. where we shall stand for freedom and justice.

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