The Outrage Season is Here With Us

I am sort of happy, of the sad type though. The word “outrage” has been deployed twice in one of the leading local dailies, and typically the subject of one is MPs and the other police. The difference is that one cabal is guilty by act of commission while the other is guilty by act of omission.It has also recently occurred to me that MPs and the Police have a strange weird connection/commonness that is difficult to put a finger on, of course the stark difference being the sea that divides one groups’ paycheck from the other. Anyway, not to divert. Democracy, pretty much like the law, can be a fat pain in the ass…of the hapless majority. Morality is like that nondescript ill-read cousin five times removed who one meets every 3 years or so during burials of sometimes equally nondescript relatives. The point, you ask? The point is democracy when practiced hand in hand with morality can sometimes deliver some form of social order, good or justice. Can is the operative word here. Often times, the practitioners of “democracy” (the definition of democracy in Kenyan parlance or context is winning elections for. e.g. a dog can be elected to parliament if it wears the correct party colors) treat morality like they would treat it if it went by the definition i gave it above, meaning that whoever we have as honorable members of parliament, mayors or councillors do not have morality walking alongside their democratically acquired status. So, like a thief in the night, they come to your house and violently rob you, simply because for some, it may be their last opportunity to do so. For me, this is not the tragedy for which there should be outpouring of outrage or grief. The real outrage will come later when a bunch of peasants somewhere who do not know any better, democratically elect Njeru Githae, the principal architect of this callousness to be a Governor or Senator whose salary they may ill afford because they will still be paying him handsomely his retirement from Parliament!! That will be the real outrage, for it will happen in countless other places across Kenya. Some of these terrorists will still dumbfoundedly be re-elected, and there is nothing you and i can do about it, or is there? So what should be the beneficiary of our collective outpouring of outrage? Democracy?

The other outrage inducing event is the Tana killings…11 people die in peacetime Kenya and it doesn’t even make the headlines of the leading local dailies!!!Nobody seems bothered – no brief by the police or politicos, the president nor premier, the campaign frenzy does not miss a beat….it is business as usual, Kenyan style. Of course the military will swing into belated action and pound everyone in that area senseless regardless of their guilt or innocence, the police long having displayed a loss of appetite for such operations in the wake of the Baragoi debacle. Who can blame the cops? The only thing they have is the uniform and a couple colonial era relics for guns, a creaky airforce which poses more danger to the pilots and their passengers and impostors in their midsts. If Kenyans want to enjoy peace and security, they will not achieve it by spending money on MPs, but by investing it in better training for police and better working and living conditions for them. A lot of things have happened in the past 40 years or so after independence, but what has not changed is the colonial mentality of police as natives with guns and short khaki pants whose job is to suppress fellow natives clamoring for uhuru. It does not matter whether Nelson Mandela himself becomes the Inspector General of the Kenya Police…it will not change unless the colonial yoke under which it is buried is permanently removed. Kenyans will continue to be outraged by the police actions and inactions, until kingdom come.

Ps. I was in the Eastleigh DO’s camp yesterday and every structure inside the compound is made of corrugated there were men walking around with guns and living in shacks. That is Kenya in 2012. A complete and utter shame. Outrageous!!!!

Have an outrage-free weekend!!! If you don’t, please share the moment of outrage….



  1. Well put…mate! Do not forget however that regardless of how obtuse or incompetent the MP’s and Police are, they do serve a purpose, the alternate to which is absolute anarchy.

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