So, What Should Outrage You?

A few days ago, some senior traffic cop was quoted on radio or TV mumbling something like they were collaborating with the Ministry of Health to conduct eye tests on motorists because most of the accidents that happen on the roads are attributable to motorists’ poor eyesight.

A few days ago, our honorable MPs watered down crucial sections of the Integrity Bill to escape all sort of vetting and also did away with the requirement to posses degrees for a majority of the positions up for grabs courtesy of the Omnibus Bill..

Treasury also released some billions for the CDF kitty ostensibly to enable the same hardworking MPs to complete CDF projects before their terms expire. The hapless Finance Minister, one rodent-loving Githae said matter-of-factedly that it was largely in part due to pressure from the MPs…

Of course Harambee Stars failed yet again to qualify for the CHAN and we anticipate the coach will be replaced by another coach and the optimism among the fans will continue to be squashed to even more infinitesimal quantities…..

…heard of the case of the phony Assistant Commissioner of Police? Outrageous, right? Maybe not. Not when the Economist Intelligence Unit declares Kenya to be the second worst place to be born in 2013….of course we will be all up in arms denouncing this and saying that Kenya has an unrivalled this and unparalleled that…but do we really? Are we but a nation of 40 million simpletons whose only saving grace is our love for foreign soccer, soap operas, maizemeal, roastmeat, bongapoints and gossip?



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