Why Simpletons?

Happy New Year dear Kenyans…the title of this blog may appear to be offensive or derogatory to potential readers and contributors. On the contrary, this forum is about the complete opposite…..displaying that contrary to opinion, Kenyans are not simpletons.

Through a series of dialogues, anecdotes, articles etc, I intend to engage other Kenyans, not on divisive politics of electioneering and alliance building, but meaningful deconstruction of our society in an effort to say that we indeed can be a much better society…and I intend to help all of us do this through outrage…yes, outrage. This is an outrage forum…how best can we incubate and harness outrage to help us open the eyes of Kenyans? How can we use such forums to initiate and sustain community actions to challenge the way our societal values are acquired, the way public service should be and hopefully how we perceive ourselves? How do we drive up the value Kenyans attach to their lives and that of their children through outrage?

This is going to define my 2013….and you are welcome to join in this potential for outrage to unite and propel us forward.


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